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Relating Modal Polymorphism to PA with soundness
link by Siddharth Bhaskar 1030 days ago | Abram Demski, Nate Soares, Patrick LaVictoire and Scott Garrabrant like this | 2 comments

by Siddharth Bhaskar 1022 days ago | Patrick LaVictoire likes this | link

I would like to expand this paper to include how the theory MP + > n handles the procrastination paradox and similar Lobian tests. Are the results of these tests known for theories PA + n?


by Patrick LaVictoire 1012 days ago | link

I may be misinterpreting the question, but the Lobstacle doesn’t apply to an agent using PA+N+1 building an agent that will use PA+N, and you can’t make the procrastination paradox with that finite descending chain of formal systems. Is that what you meant?






Note: I currently think that
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Counterfactual mugging
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What do you mean by "in full
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It seems relatively plausible
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I think that in that case,
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Two minor comments. First,
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A: While that is a really
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> The true reason to do
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A few comments. Traps are
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I'm not convinced exploration
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Update: This isn't really an
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If you drop the
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Cool! I'm happy to see this
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Caveat: The version of EDT
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[Delegative Reinforcement
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