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Index of some decision theory posts
discussion post by Tsvi Benson-Tilsen 499 days ago | Ryan Carey, Jack Gallagher, Jessica Taylor and Scott Garrabrant like this | discuss

What this is

Edit: this is now a general index for agent-foundations-related decision theory research. It is most-recent-first. I’ll add summaries for other posts if anyone wants.


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Generalizing Foundations of Decision Theory

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Prediction Based Robust Cooperation

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Entangled Equilibria and the Twin Prisoners’ Dilemma

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On motivations for MIRI’s highly reliable agent design research

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Open problem: very thin logical priors

An open problem relevant to decision theory and to understanding bounded reasoning: is there a very easily computable prior over logical facts that, when updated on the results of computations, performs well in some sense?

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postCDT: Decision Theory using post-selected Bayes nets

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Updatelessness and Son of X

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A failed attempt at Updatelessness using Universal Inductors

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Training Garrabrant inductors to predict counterfactuals

A proposal for training UGIs to predict action- and policy-counterfactuals by learning from the consequences of actions taken by similar (“logically previous”) agents.

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Desiderata for decision theory

A list of desiderata for a theory of optimal decision-making for bounded rational agents in general environments.

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Transitive negotiations with counterfactual agents

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Attacking the grain of truth problem using Bayes-Savage agents

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Notation for induction and decision theory

A reference for notation that might be useful for using (universal) Garrabrant inductors as models for bounded reasoning, and some notation for modelling agents. (Not on the forum because tables.)

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Index of some decision theory posts

As advertised.

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